Bazza J

Bazza J has been DJ’ing for over 15 years and radio presenting  over 5 years and has built up an impressive army of followers from all around the world.

Bazza has no favourite genre of music and loves nothing more than going ‘Off The Cuff’

  1. Off The Cuff 02/03/2021 Bazza 'J
  2. Sunday Chill Out 07/03/2021 Bazza 'J
  3. 60s Show 09/03/2021 Bazza 'J
  4. Bazza J Special 05/03/2021 Bazza 'J
  5. Off The Cuff 30/03/2021 Bazza 'J
  6. Top 100 - Part 1 Bazza 'J
  7. Top 100 - Part 2 Bazza 'J
  8. Top 100 - Part 3 Bazza 'J


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  1. So this is how it works now? Wasn’t publicised very well but hey ho. Better long term. Hope you are well Bazza x

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