Sascha Cooper


An Alternative Arts, Culture and Holistic insights show to life,
empowerment and more in the entertainment and holistic industries.
With a wide variety of music from Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Cheese,
Alternative and more, with different themes per week, as well as
interviews with special guests, there is something for everyone.

Sascha is a Creative Entrepreneur and Holistic Insightful Life Coach
from Brighton, East Sussex. She specialises in acting, dance,
choreography, theatre/audio directing, psychic readings, mediumship
and makeup for the media. When performing, she loves being on stage,
voice and film work. When coaching, she pulls from all these different
areas with the common factor of embracing empowerment in changing
yourself from the inside out. To see all the sites she is on and more,
then check out her VShowcards link Profile – [1]

Friday LIVE
2100 - 2300
  1. 03/05/2021 Sascha Cooper
  2. 07/05.2021 Sascha Cooper

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