Will host’s the high profile ‘Afternoon Bit’ on Bexhill Radio’s Weekday Schedule from 1500 – 1700 as well as ‘Afternoon Delights’ on a Sunday Afternoon and is probably the hardest working presenter on Bexhill Radio.

With a wealth of broadcasting experience and a natural friendliness that will take you on his journey Will is not one to be missed when you visit Bexhill Radio.



Hendo’s Goody Bag; Saturday 11am – 1pm
Two hours where anything goes. You’ll hear world music, classic rock, dance tunes, chart hits and much more wrapped around the Noon Canoodle where you can ‘show some emotion’ to your loved ones. A show filled with your dedications and requests and all under the motto of’ “If it’s good, it’s in”.


Sascha Cooper presents ‘Sascha’s World’ – An Alternative Arts, Culture and Holistic insights show to life,
empowerment and more in the entertainment and holistic industries with a ‘vibe to thrive!’
With a wide variety of music from Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Cheese,
Alternative and more, with different themes per week, as well as
interviews with special guests, there is something for everyone.
Broadcasting live every week on Fridays 9-11pm (interviews and general music when no guest) and Sundays 12-2pm (themed insightful shows with music requests).
To request music, do a dedication to someone special, or receive spiritual guidance, email



Introducing the Ever Popular GJDJ from the far off shores of Turkey.

Bringing you the very best in classic to present House GJDJ is the perfect recipe to make your Saturday evening go with a pop!

GJDJ is here every Saturday and, as a show of versatility, has a tendency to pop up as a covering DJ when things go wrong (he’s a little superstar) Don’t miss out, GJDJ is the one show you do NOT want to miss.



The Man & Mr. Wright talkshow is introducing Jason (The Man) Frederick who is an actor, teacher and opinionated individual who recently made his radio debut on Bexhill Radio Dave Wright is a musician turn music teacher, who is bringing his experienced technical skills and vocal judgments to a variety of matter.
This talk show will pick apart weekly news articles, discuss controversial topics and general chit-chat to entertain everyone



I was born in West London & moved at 6 months old to Old Kent Road where I spent 7 years of my life before moving to Peckham where I grew up.As a baby my mum would take me to parties and pass me from hand to hand and in those days it was house parties till 8 or 9 in the morning with the bass thumping hence, why I love music and love bass.
I started collecting records late at the age of 17 but have not stopped so I have a wide range of music. Soul is my passion but I love all genres of music.
I first started in radio with Hot96 in 2000 and stopped to do mobile DJ work all over the country but mainly in Kent.
I have played in some clubs in the West End & The Area in Watford.


Off The Cuff – TUESDAY LIVE!

Off the cuff the show that could literally take you anywhere on a journey of music. Every show is different and is completely live. All genres of music catered for and also shout out and dedications can be given.
Sunday Chill Out – SUNDAY LIVE!
2 hours of pure relaxation. If you love Mellow Magic or Smooth then this is the show for you. Chilled out tracks and again songs you wouldn’t normally hear on mainstream radio.


Hi all,
My name is Dave Marley. 
When it comes to music, it literally rules my life. I have been DJing since the early ’80s, but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I became interested in radio presenting. I love and respect all types of good music, right from as far back as the classic ’50s through to the indie-pop ’90s. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy much of what music had to offer after the ’90s ended.

I grew up listening to the radio as a young lad and started collecting vinyl at the mere age of 5 years old in the early ’70s. I would save my pocket money up to buy records as often as possible, and even now, 50 years on, I still collect music and I’m running out of space to put my vinyl collection

I was always a massive fan of the original “Pick of the Pop” presented by the late Alan “Fluff” Freeman back in the day, and I always wanted to take a stab at doing my own take on a vintage chart countdown radio show. So here it is..  I will be doing just that right here on this station, with my show “The Classic Chart Rundown”. I'll be bringing you a random Top 20 Chart countdown from anywhere between 1957 to 1989. It's a real nostalgia trip every time and if you're like me, a true lover of music, it won't take you long to fall in love with the show and all the personal memories it holds for every individual.
I hope you can join me from time to time.

If you would like to catch up with me on Facebook, come and join  "The Classic Chart Rundown" group.

If you enjoy listening to my show, feel free to buy me a coffee White, no sugar :)

See you on-air.. 
Dave Marley