Hendo’s Goody Bag; Saturday 11am – 1pm
Two hours where anything goes. You’ll hear world music, classic rock, dance tunes, chart hits and much more wrapped around the Noon Canoodle where you can ‘show some emotion’ to your loved ones. A show filled with your dedications and requests and all under the motto of’ “If it’s good, it’s in”.



Francis Saunders is predominantly a Film writer Director & has an award winning career. His passion for creativity led him to Bexhill Radio where he recently made his radio debut .

His Show, The Short and Curlies will feature Saturday mornings 0900 -1100 & Sunday Mornings 1000 – 1200.

Soul Classics -Interviews – Local Artists – Community Information



The Man & Mr. Wright talkshow is introducing Jason (The Man) Frederick who is an actor, teacher and opinionated individual who recently made his radio debut on Bexhill Radio Dave Wright is a musician turn music teacher, who is bringing his experienced technical skills and vocal judgments to a variety of matter.
This talk show will pick apart weekly news articles, discuss controversial topics and general chit-chat to entertain everyone


Don’t believe what they say; it’s not 3…… 4 is the magic number!

John, Paul, Ringo and George; Neill, Sixx, Mars and Lee; Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael; Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore; Bexhill Radio brings you Alphabet Street with their very own foursome; Del, Ollie, John and Jonny also known as The Music’s Not Dead Family.

Armed only with their bag of Bananagram (scrabble) letters listen in as they leave it to fate to decide the letter of the group or artist that they will play next; (everyone is hoping to avoid the dreaded X,Y, Z).

With a love of music, and the challenge of outplaying each other listen in to hear great tunes both new and old, and the conversation around those being played – it literally could be anything!




Bexhill’s Brighter Breakfast with Lyn Watts airs at 7am Monday to Friday. Lyn’s show is a review and features news stories from all around the world but also talks about local news. There’s opinion and humour and a bit of music too. Lyn is joined by Mark Ransley in Tasmania and talks about news stories down under.




Mark was born in Hobart and is the great great great grandson of George Ransley, the Kentish smuggler and leader of the famous Aldington gang.
He trained at the Get Wet Dive school in the mid 80s and, at the tender age of 25, was appointed as diving instructor on the John Brewer Floating Hotel, the world’s first floating hotel, in 1989. Mark started commercial diving and has had 25 plus dives onto and around the Lake Illawarra, the sunken ship which brought down the Tasman bridge in Hobart Mark ran his own diving company called Seatech and was well known as a bounce diver, having done more than any other Tasmanian diver. He met Lyn Watts after she published Gentlemen in Blue, a book about George Ransley and the Aldington gang. Mark now joins Lyn regularly on the Bexhill’s Brighter Breakfast show Monday to Friday and puts a different perspective on current affairs. Mark lives with his dog, Mac, in a picturesque home on the banks of the river Derwent with stunning views across the bay. He buys, sells and repairs boats and enjoys chilling out with his wide circle of friends and family.