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Jim has been a professional comedian and events organiser for over 20 years. He has presented television programmes for Sky TV and a poem he wrote for RT TV’s Keith Allens’ Establishment Club went viral online with close to a million views on various platforms. He has presented a talk radio broadcast for 3 years on Radio Lewes and has over 10 thousand views with his broadcast partner Craig Campbell on their podcast Crews.

He has also written for online magazines such as Heard in the pub.

As a comedian he has hosted and performed at top comedy clubs, festivals, charity dinners and featured on various other TV and Radio broadcasts in the UK .

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  1. Beyond The News 1 Jim Grant 58:13
  2. Beyond The News 2 Jim Grant 59:39
  3. Beyond The News 3 Jim Grant 101:26
  4. Beyond The News 4 Jim Grant 58:40
  5. Beyond The News 5 Jim Grant 58:41
  6. Beyond The News 6 Jim Grant 59:03
  7. Beyond TheNews7 Jim Grant 01:00:41