It seems utilising Mixcloud is a little confusing so here is the best way that I personally use (it may not be best for everyone tho)


First of all log in to our mixcloud account www.mixcloud.com…..login details available on whatsapp.

After sign in click on ‘UPLOAD








Choose your file and start the upload process







While The file is uploading fill in the unique show details







After publishing your show you will see the finished product on screen.

Click on the upload/ share button









Click on the URL displayed center screen. No need to click anything else.









Go to www.bexhillradio.co.uk/post

Fill in the page details but do NOT paste in the title area. In the title are give your show the appropriate show details. In this instance it’s WILL P – BACK2BACK 18/12/2021

Click and paste on the content section.

Ensure you set the category to latest posts


After saving the above your post will be available as such.

In the actual post you can share to various social media.