Don’t believe what they say; it’s not 3…… 4 is the magic number!

John, Paul, Ringo and George; Neill, Sixx, Mars and Lee; Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael; Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore; Bexhill Radio brings you Alphabet Street with their very own foursome; Del, Ollie, John and Jonny also known as The Music’s Not Dead Family.


Bazza J has been DJ’ing for over 15 years and radio presenting over 5 years and has built up an impressive army of followers from all around the world.

Bazza has no favourite genre of music and loves nothing more than going ‘Off The Cuff’


Francis Saunders is predominantly a Film writer Director & has an award winning career. His passion for creativity led him to Bexhill Radio where he recently made his radio debut .

His Show, The Short and Curlies will feature Saturday mornings 0900 -1100 & Sunday Mornings 1000 – 1200.

Soul Classics -Interviews – Local Artists – Community Information


Introducing the Ever Popular GJDJ from the far off shores of Turkey.

Bringing you the very best in classic to present House GJDJ is the perfect recipe to make your Saturday evening go with a pop!

GJDJ is here every Saturday and, as a show of versatility, has a tendency to pop up as a covering DJ when things go wrong (he’s a little superstar) Don’t miss out, GJDJ is the one show you do NOT want to miss.


The Rust Bucket Show with Sam and Steve

A Country show with a difference, mixing Outlaw Country, Southern Rock, Americana and Bluegrass


I’m from Birmingham but have lived all over the UK including London, Liverpool and Leicester and now in the far west wing of Bexhill (Eastbourne). I fell in love with music in the 60’s when listening to The Beatles and Motown and I’ve been collecting and DJ’ing since the 1970’s.
Favourite artists are too many to mention really but Elbow, Yes, Ralph McTell, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder and Janis Ian might give you an idea of the breadth of my musical taste and I’ve seen all of them in concert.


I have been a Mix DJ for the last 30 years playing every type of function including Weddings, Birthdays, Boat Disco’s, Full On Raves and Dance Clubs.


An Alternative Arts, Culture and Holistic insights show to life,
empowerment and more in the entertainment and holistic industries.
With a wide variety of music from Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Cheese,
Alternative and more, with different themes per week, as well as
interviews with special guests, there is something for everyone.


Brand new to Bexhill Radio & presented by Fred Setters the content is as is the title….SIMPLY 80s


Will host’s the high profile ‘Afternoon Bit’ on Bexhill Radio’s Weekday Schedule from 1500 – 1700 as well as ‘Afternoon Delights’ on a Sunday Afternoon and is probably the hardest working presenter on Bexhill Radio.

With a wealth of broadcasting experience and a natural friendliness that will take you on his journey Will is not one to be missed when you visit Bexhill Radio.



Featuring the very best of rock music Fred Setters takes you through all the monster hits of The Rock genre


Jess is a 2x English Kickboxing Champion (in training to become the British Bantamweight Champion, on the 5th September 2021), 2nd degree blackbelt, Hypnotherapist and founder of ‘I am Fighting Fit’.

Jess is championing local, and global, community, health and well-being, through her show ‘The Champion’s Corner’, with an interesting array of music, featuring a selection of favourites, and suggestions from listeners, often around a weekly theme!


The Man & Mr. Wright talkshow is introducing Jason (The Man) Frederick who is an actor, teacher and opinionated individual who recently made his radio debut on Bexhill Radio Dave Wright is a musician turn music teacher, who is bringing his experienced technical skills and vocal judgments to a variety of matter.
This talk show will pick apart weekly news articles, discuss controversial topics and general chit-chat to entertain everyone


My name is Sandy, or otherwise known as Sandy M “The Lipstick Avenger”.

Being a child of the 70s, I began to take notice of chart music at around the age of 5 or 6 years old, which would have been the early 80s. Like many of my school friends I would be glued to the radio as often as possible hoping to hear my favourite records. I used to visit the local record shop with my mum from a very early age, which is where my music collection began.


I was born in West London & moved at 6 months old to Old Kent Road where I spent 7 years of my life before moving to Peckham where I grew up.As a baby my mum would take me to parties and pass me from hand to hand and in those days it was house parties till 8 or 9 in the morning with the bass thumping hence, why I love music and love bass.
I started collecting records late at the age of 17 but have not stopped so I have a wide range of music. Soul is my passion but I love all genres of music.
I first started in radio with Hot96 in 2000 and stopped to do mobile DJ work all over the country but mainly in Kent.
I have played in some clubs in the West End & The Area in Watford.


Charlie Watts worked for a while in a record shop as a young man and has always had a massive interest in music – from Rock and Roll right through to Classical! Charlie has been a professional top guitarist and a singer songwriter in the past and, in the 80s, 90s and 2000s was part of several successful bands. Charlie is an experienced tape editor – open reel tape – and has lately been responsible for editing many shows using digital programmes. His own love of music, and huge knowledge, shines through his shows and he tries to find something for everyone in the music he plays.


Lyn Watts is an RGN who was a Resuscitation Officer for 2 large NHS Trusts for 21 years! On retirement she started her own Resuscitation Training company and began a successful career as an author. So far she has 9 published titles as well as numerous short stories in various magazines throughout the country. She is consistently in the top 2% on Kindle. Through various radio interviews about her books, she progressed into presenting. When she isn’t carriage driving or farming with her heavy horse, or riding her beautiful cob! She brings a wealth of knowledge and charm to her shows and not too few opinions too!


Mark was born in Hobart and is the great great great grandson of George Ransley, the Kentish smuggler and leader of the famous Aldington gang.
He trained at the Get Wet Dive school in the mid 80s and, at the tender age of 25, was appointed as diving instructor on the John Brewer Floating Hotel, the world’s first floating hotel, in 1989. Mark started commercial diving and has had 25 plus dives onto and around the Lake Illawarra, the sunken ship which brought down the Tasman bridge in Hobart Mark ran his own diving company called Seatech and was well known as a bounce diver, having done more than any other Tasmanian diver. He met Lyn Watts after she published Gentlemen in Blue, a book about George Ransley and the Aldington gang. Mark now joins Lyn regularly on the Bexhill’s Brighter Breakfast show Monday to Friday and puts a different perspective on current affairs. Mark lives with his dog, Mac, in a picturesque home on the banks of the river Derwent with stunning views across the bay. He buys, sells and repairs boats and enjoys chilling out with his wide circle of friends and family.