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Kicking off at 1100 There’s a special quickfire competition where you could get your hands on a very special prize. All you need to do is to tune into The Sausage Miester at around 1130 for  ‘THE 8 MINUTES OF LUNACY‘ and email TSM ( what adverts were the songs primarily linked with. It’s not hard, but it’s not easy either!


BAZZA J’ takes over at 1200 and is Off The Cuff in the style of 1990


GJDJ is up at 1300 and will be featuring an hour’s  flavour of Ukrainian Music.


Will P opens his Afternoon Delights at 1400 to send heartfelt love to all Ukrainians around the world with some special songs for the Children & Women of The Ukraine. Please support our day on Bexhill Radio


Gentleman Paul Henson opens up his special Hendo’s Goody Bag @1500. Join him to find out what little treats he discovers


At 1600 Sascha Cooper brings Sascha’s Weekend World to life featuring an interview with the CARITASPOLSKA (our chosen charity), requests of Courage & Hope and any messages for the Ukraine.


Later in the day at 1700 Lyn & Charlie Watts have some very special interviews with Diane Abbott & Vladimer Putin plus other crazy stuff going on.


More crazy chat & situ comments @1800 with The Man & Mr. Wright. Oh, they play some pretty decent tunes tto!


At 1900 see’s the ever popular Rob Andrews return to Bexhill Radio for a one off performance of In The Mix that you do NOT want to miss.


StevieP closes our Ukraine Fundraiser @2000 with a very special show that demands your full attention for 60 minutes.



Crowdfunding operate an automatic ‘OPTIONAL TIP’ which adds an additional amount to your donation of which Zero goes towards our fund. While we do not have a problem with you donating an additional amount to someone else the feature is easily turned off.


  1. Enter Your Donation Amount To Give A Little Bit
  2. Click Donate
  3. Beneath Your Donation, Set The ‘Optional Tip’ to ‘OTHER AMOUNT’
  4. Click On The ‘Amount’ & Set To Zero
  5. Your Good To Go.