Hi guys, I’ve taken the liberty of creating this page for your perusal which I believe will help us all push forwards.

In the sphere we are working in, communication is always key. We survive only on regular communication with the population of the Social Media World and in our opinion we have been lacking for sometime in regular communications from the station and you guys, the presenters.

With this in mind we have decided to re-open the website where you can create and share posts directly from a user account @bexhillradio to whichever social media you desire. Of course, participation isn’t a must but we do feel that you, as presenters will attract a larger audience by using it.

Once you have created a post it is immediately auto-published where you will have the option to share it to where ever you want. We do ask that you share any posts to the Bexhill Radio Facebook Group after sharing to your desired platforms.


Quite simply because we believe in you, in us and the unique package we have put together. We also believe that your hard work should reach as big of audience as we can generate for you. We totally believe that if our team can work together, sharing the generated posts we will push on very, very quickly.


Of course, include your shows and it’s future content but we like to think that you are creating a family of listeners who will join your journey on a regular basis. So, in short treat them as such, little anecdotes, opinions, friends and family news, updates of listener news. Remember, you can include pictures so while really long literate posts are probably attention challenging images can, as the saying goes, speak a thousand words. The only tip I would give is to take a little care with spelling and grammar. Maybe use Word to create and check then copy and paste. There is after all, nothing worse than a badly written post.

So we’re giving you a few more tools to enhance your profiles. It’s very basic at the moment (not always a bad thing) but will evolve on a regular basis. All posts are automatically shown in the new post generator in the middle of the homepage of the websaite.

Please Visit:

To register. It would be appreciated if you can use your Bexhill Radio email address.

To Login after registration.

To visit your account & create your posts.

To view our members.

To reset your password

You will also notice a topbar has appeared has appeared at the top of your page. This will be VERY important as I add more features which will enhance your presence from our website.